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You can see more of my photos at protozoid.com. It functions as my online gallery and provides the option to see the photos in a large size. Just click a photo within any of the po...


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These are some of my favorite photos, from among the ones that I’ve shot over the past seven years. They were captured using various Leica cameras and lenses....

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  • Head of the Class
    Head of the Class

    Chock full of the latest high-end components, this is the new top choice in media-savvy workstations. Check out my review of the HP Z840 workstation in StudioDaily....

  • Thin-and-Light

    Think of it as a Windows-based MacBook Pro with a workstation-grade display and graphics engine. You can read my review of the Dell Precision M3800 in StudioDaily....

  • Vector Power
    Vector Power

    It was introduced 25 years ago. Yet many casual graphics users have never heard of it. You can read my review of the CorelDraw Graphics Suite X7 at NotebookReview....


Monochrome Vegas
Monochrome Vegas

Ten of my Vegas photos are on display at the Leica Store in Las Vegas. They’ll be there through February 2018. The store is located in the Forum Shops at Caesars Palace. Belo...

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Leica Blog

The Dreamy 50 Lux
The Dreamy 50 Lux

What’s the best 50mm lens? There’s no simple answer to that question, because each lens has its own personality. Check out my 35th guest post for the Leica Camera Blog....

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Tech Notes


I was doodling around with the moodscaper app on my iPad, and I came up with this tune. There are no edits except to trim some silence at the beginning. I played it straight throug...

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Classic Films

Silly Little Irish Story
Silly Little Irish Story

One of John Ford’s most popular films — The Quiet Man (1952) — almost didn’t happen. According to Jordan R. Young’s book John Ford’s The Quiet Man, Ford first t...

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Retro Tech

Back in 1991
Back in 1991

Back then, new technical terms were all squishy in the middle. Some things never change. Here’s my article on the subject from the July 1991 issue of Compute....

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Pocket Cinema

Wow, it’s a pocket-sized pro-quality HD camcorder. Read my review of the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera in StudioDaily


Vibrant Colors

This dye-based wide-carriage photo printer produces vibrant colors. Check out my review of the Canon Pixma Pro-100 in Computer Shopper.


Keeping it RAW

Can this inexpensive photo-editing program compete with Lightroom? Check out my review of Corel AfterShot Pro at Digital Camera Review.


Forge Ahead

Do you need to do some serious production-quality sound editing? You may want to read my review of Sony’s Sound Forge Pro 11 in StudioDaily